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Thread: My son treatment end up in bankrupt

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    Default My son treatment end up in bankrupt

    My Wife and I both held steady employment and, with their combined income, were managing their finances for their family of four fairly well. A few debts accumulated while putting away some savings and purchasing a car, but nothing we couldn’t cope with, until now. Unexpectedly, their lifestyle changed when our son Andrew was diagnosed with a cognitive disability. We both decided that supporting their child in the best way possible meant Crystal would need to leave her job so that she could be available for her child’s needs full time. We knew that their previously healthy finances were now at risk. The car loan payments we could keep up with but the problem was their credit card debt and line of credit. With a reduced family income, they were concerned that they would not even be able to keep up with the monthly debt payments. What can we do now? One of my friend said about an debt consolidation services can help me out this debt. I am not aware of this can you people help me out with a solution? Please free to comment.

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    When you post and use various pronouns in the same sentence, anyone with a brain knows you copied some of the dialogue trying to make this a personal story. In addition, the english in the title leaves a great deal to be desired. I am not saying you need to be a writer but please post things that are appropriate for this forum.
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