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Thread: full time new job insurance - please help

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    Default full time new job insurance - please help

    I received an full time job offer and employer is offering me -(Blue Edge HSA) saying that this will be your health insurance.To my understanding its HSA contribution, which i can utilize towards docs bills. Is this a health insurance. It has no mention of MOOP etc. Please see attached.

    Second, i'm currently covered under my spouse plan, which is very good. I think my potential employer knows that i am covered under my spouse plan. So he has come with HEALTH INSURANCE SPOUSAL SURCHARGE FORM asking me to sign. It says " If a participating employee has a spouse, whose employer offers insurance, and the spouse does not take it, an additional $200 monthly surcharge will be added to the participating employee’s premium."

    To my understanding, I thought employer was not required to provide insurance to spouse who is insurance already through his own employer,which would have meant that i don't bring my spouse under my new potential employer. But this above statement is like if you don't bring your spouse to my plan i will charge you $200 monthly.

    Please guide and help.

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    First, the HSA plan being offered must have a maximum out-of-pocket. The Affordable Care Act is still in play, so the maximum should be $7,350 (but this plan may be lower). You need to ask your employer for a summary of benefits description and everything should be outlined there. If it is too complicated to understand, feel free to upload it here and/or contact me directly and I would be happy to help. HSA's are a bit more complicated than what you have stated. In essence, you must meet the deductible before any expenses are payable and you may contribute $3,450 into your own HSA (which you own and control and is not a use it or lose it account) to help pay for those expenses. Even if you do not use all the funds, you may carry forward balances year after year.

    Second, what is your employer charging you for the plan? Depending on what you must pay into your spouse's plan will depend on how good a deal it is regardless of how you feel about the employer plan or your spouse's plan. Again, you need to know more about the HSA MOOP (as you put it).

    Finally, it appears the $200 surcharge is if you bring your spouse onto your plan if she has a plan offered to her through her employer. Since your spouse is currently employed and with a plan, the $200 surcharge would not apply.

    Speak with your HR representative or employer and get more information. Do it calmly and logically and I would be happy to help with your understanding.
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