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Thread: Home from college for the holidays.

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    Default Home from college for the holidays.

    My question is regarding having my daughter home back to California for the holidays and not having insurance. She is not using a car where she is going to school, so we have taken her off of our policy. Now that she is coming home, for the holiday break, she would like to be driving.

    Our current insurance company doesn't like us to put her on and take her off our policy every time she comes home.

    Does the Permissive Use Law in California work for her while she is back home?

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    Honestly, it does not make sense to remove your daughter from your auto insurance to save money.

    She needs to stay on your insurance until she is fully out of the house. There are all sorts of reasons for this, however lets just focus on the fact that just because she does not drive, does not mean that she never interacts with automobiles.
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