i work for a towing company that received a call to tow a boat on a trailer that had a blow out and was on the side of the road on the grass. me and a helper tried to pull the trailer and boat onto the trailer but had to stop because they were too heavy. we damaged the front plastic wheel of the trailer which we admitted to and offered to pay for. the owner refused.
A friend of his showed up with a spare and we changed the tire and he was on his way giving us a 50.00 tip.
2 weeks later i get a call from the boss saying he was putting a claim saying we did 2,000.00 worth of damage to his trailer.
i forgot to say that his wife immediately started video taping the whole thing as we started to do this.
he has a private adjuster go out the first time and got an estimate of 1300.00. he wasn't satisfied with that and had a second adjuster come out and found an additional 1,000.00 worth of damage.
without going through insurance how can i fight this ? this adjuster added every single scratch on this trailer and attributed it to the tow attempt.
this is in south Florida.