Hello there everyone !! A bit of intro on my background !! I curently reside in Utah and have P&C license and L&H.I speak fluent three languages ,my native language,english and spanish.I started to get in insurance field in 2007 as insurance billing at The General Insurance in Tennessee Corporate and got my license in 2010 at same company as call center insurance sales rep al the way until 2014 when i moved to Florida and worked as retail insurance agent staff ,great sales and experience bit life situations brought me to Utah and worked at State Farm as agent staff for about a year ,but to put ot this way ,me and the young new owner did not get a long at the end due to personalities clash...me,more experience as insurance and working for a guy 10 years younger than me. Not all the hope is lost...i am 38 ,and i feell that i can still be successful...i am stucked in a third party insurance call center ,just csr...has its own good advantages but every few months get a new boss that has no ideea about insurance....many regulations and cannt think about the box...even if moving up there,still ,every move its controlled by the client,very,very micromanaged...iwas the only one in 14 people training class with background in insurance ....Looking for tips to get out of there,maybe work on my own or go work for a direct company ! Tips ???