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Thread: Insurance wont cover aftermarket parts.

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    Default Insurance wont cover aftermarket parts.

    I was recently in an accident. The other driver was 100% at fault charged with a DUI and improper lane change. His insurance "Allstate" says they don't have to cover my aftermarket parts even though i pay for $2,000 additional coverage through my insurance. I have aftermarket headlights and 1 headlight got broke out, an OEM R32 bumper that needs replaced, and a badly dented fender on my VW GTI. Allstate quoted me $844 in total damage. Allstate is saying since the headlights are aftermarket they wont give me anything for them "$0.00" for my broken headlight. But i can only buy the exact same headlights in pairs that costs almost $600. And if i went back to stock i'd still have to buy a used pair for about $200. A used usable OEM R32 bumper is almost $600 by itself without paint. And they quoted me 200 to replace the bumper, 100 to replace the fender, and $500 in paint labor and $44 in misc parts. IDK what to do at this point. I could file a claim with my insurance and they said they will cover the parts, but with a claim through them my insurance would likely go up at renewal. With the $844 i could possibly go back to stock headlights and possibly find a color matched stock bumper and fender but i'd have to do all the work myself outside in the rain and cold.

    I guess my question is, does Allstate have to replace my parts to get the car back to the condition it was in before? or am i going to have to pay out of my own pocket for my aftermarket "not stock parts for my VIN number" parts?

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    You or the person who hit you probably has a provision in their policy that will allow for those after market products to be covered. I would contact Billy Walkowiak (704.747.9337 mobil) for some direction. You can learn more of who he is, etc.
    . I believe he may be able to guide you or at least point you in the proper direction.

    David M. Block, CLTC
    Insurance Specialties, Inc.
    PO Box 1809
    Candler, NC 28715-1809
    800.358.8844 toll free
    828-667-1119 local
    828-667-2229 local fax

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