Hi, I hope some one here can confirm what I think I know about a problem a friend is having with an insurance agency. When dealing with problems that require real time interaction with another human, this friend gets easily frustrated.

She recently had such an interaction, and showed up at my place hysterical - not in a funny way, in an OMG this is the worst thing ever, way.

Her 19 year old car was hit head on by a 19 year old who seemed to think he was in a race, and came cross lane angling for a parking lot driveway. He misjudge her speed, his ability to get across her lane, well everything it seems. This was confirmed by the passenger in her car, and also the driver of a car waiting to pull out from the parking lot driveway the kid was aiming at. His insurance at first wanted her to pick up a police report for their investigation, but 3 days in they said that was no longer necessary - they were assuming responsibility. A few days later they call her and tell her where to take her car to have an adjuster look at it. They then say that they noticed the registration on her car is expired, and she will have to take care of that first. She tries to do that, but to pass smog the computer needs a software update, that Buick wants close to $700 for. Book on the car is $1400-1800, and it is clearly going to be totaled. I convince her that the car being out of registration does not shelter them from responsibility. She calls the agent and explains that she was not able to get the registration, but she will bring it in the next day to the adjuster. They again tell her they can't do anything if the car is out of registration, and in fact if she brings it to the adjuster he wont even look at it if it's not registered.

Question: Is registration relevant in any way? And, if it is not relevant, but they continue to insist it is, what are her best opinions?

Thank you in advance.