I filed a claim with my insurance company on June 9th, 2017. There was a little water coming up from the kitchen floor. The adjuster came out and said I'd be contacted shortly, I was. My house was torn apart, walls, flooring, moulding, toe kicks removed and discarded, without my knowledge. The moulding was milled oak. We had no water to the house for 3 weeks except for one hose in the front of the house. This was used to water outside plants, fill fish ponds, dog water pools and for the swimming pool. Plus to fill 5 gallon buckets we used to flush the toilets. A pipe was capped and blew out a week later causing water to be turned off at street x 5 days, till I finally fixed the pipe myself. On June 29, I became frustrated with the whole thing and told the adjuster I'd find someone to do the repair work myself.I got two estimates and chose one. The work was completed within a week. I was lucky I called someone else, as the people my adjuster had come to my house wanted to tear out a wall, cabinet and counter. My people did the entire job in less than a day and only made two small holes in an upper unused cabinet and one in the ceiling. I was unaware the baseboard/moulding/toe kicks were missing when I bought new flooring and had a friend install it who was also unaware of the missing material, until it was to late, now I have a brand new $900.00 mess, which has to be pulled up and re-laid some how.
My question is. Is this customary for an insurance company to use his own people or ask the home owner if they'd like to get their own estimates and just issue one check. Because of the delays and miss communications between me and the adjuster, several checks were issued, some were voided, had stop payments pit on them by the insurance company. A big mess all the way around. The company the adjuster used was 70 miles away from my home and would arrive for work between 9-11 A.M. and would leave at 2:00 P.M.. Shouldn't he have opted for someone more local ?
I doubt I'll get any response since this is so lengthy, but I gave it a shot.
Thank you for any input.