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Thread: How to cheap medicare supplement plans?

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    Default How to cheap medicare supplement plans?

    Working with Medicare beneficiaries for over 14 years has allowed Cornerstone Medicare to see the overwhelming need that exists in navigating Medicare and how best to receive its benefits. Lack of clear and easy to understand information, coupled with uneducated and possibly uncaring insurance agents, has created a culture of fear and confusion in the senior market. At Cornerstone Medicare, our goal is to create a place where you can feel comfortable knowing that you are getting honest, unbiased information.

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    What bothers me about this post is not that you are touting your services as being "honest" but you are doing it at the expense of other hard-working agents. Perhaps you can find another mechanism or means to say the same thing without denigrating other agents. I am not saying that our industry does not have some bad apples, what I am saying is that boosting yourself on the shoulders of others is not how best to state your case. And by the way, what if someone were to say that they had over 20 years of experience or more working in the industry helping clients. Does that make them better? It is not the years but the level of caring. Show you care by sharing your knowledge not spreading fear.
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    I agree with David. All this post is is an advertisement for your firm. Nothing more than fluff and what every other firm says.

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    Completely agree with David... go somewhere else.

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