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Thread: Could decorative rocks cause insurance cancellation?

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    Default Could decorative rocks cause insurance cancellation?

    Our home's smallish back yard has a river rock dry creek bed cutting through the lawn, installed by the former owner to deal with drainage issues. The river rock creek bed is flanked by about a dozen large "decorative rock" boulders. Needing to fix some aspects of this system, we had an excavator look it over. His recommendation was to remove it and replace it with a swale, saying, among other things, that if an insurance inspector saw these boulders sticking out of our lawn, he might want our homeowners insurance cancelled. He claims to know of instances where this happened.

    Since river rock dry creek beds seem a ubiquitous solution to drainage issues (the method being lauded all over the web) it never occurred to us there might be an insurance issue. Is there? I have Googled homeowners insurance boulders river rock dry creek bed accident and variants and found no links to support the excavator's claim. Is he right or wrong?

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    I think he is wrong unless there is some type if stability issue where they could be dislodged and roll.
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    Wow never heard of it as an issue.

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