Hey Everyone,

So here is my situation. I live in New Jersey and had some damage during Hurricane Sandy. My damage was not anywhere near what other people went through as my house is raised about 4.5' above the ground. When the insurance adjuster came in, he was extremely knowledgable and gave us all the money he could. This included giving us money to replace all the tile in the house because there was swelling underneath which caused hairline cracks in the grout. He also said I have particle board underneath the floor which also needs to be replaced in my living room in addition to the rooms with tile. I've completed all the other work that needed to be done on the house (mold remediation, new insulation, new electrical wires, new siding/sheathing, etc.) but my contractor and a tile installation company have both told me it would be a waste of money to rip out and replace all the tile. They both agreed (separately) that the house is structurally sound and that mold will not continue to grow. So, here's the question; is it okay for me to use the money for other things? I've had multiple people tell me that the money is mine to do what I want with and multiple people say there is nothing wrong with the way I have it now. Is it illegal or wrong for me to use this money towards other things? I am looking at selling this house within 6 months and would rather not spend the money if this does not need to be done.