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Thread: homeowners insurance dropped due to act of stupidity

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    Default homeowners insurance dropped due to act of stupidity

    greetings i have a question about homeowners insurance, a year ago i had an incident at my home with a guest where a dog i used to own bit(nipped on the cheek) a guest, after provoking the dog the guest went ahead and put his head over a locked gate with a beware of dog sign on it in plain sight and countless warnings about interacting with the animal were ignored , as two teenaged boys were pulling the gentleman away from the gate as he continued to reach over the gate (grown man of 40yrs+ needless to say alcohol was a factor with the guest not the dog ). in any case he went ahead and was going to try to get compensation for this and obtained legal representation and started the process of a liability claim however due to the facts and that my carrier was going to fight this tooth and nail, the burden of proving liability or negligence on my part was too difficult in my opinion and he did not continue his claim and has not pursued any further action and has not been compensated ,however my insurance carrier decided to drop me even after i had informed them that the dog(rescued mix breed) had been re-homed and was no longer on the premiss i know its the underwriters choice to whether or not to continue the policy but my question is if there was no compensation or any further action taken will this affect my obtaining insurance elsewhere? and why? and will my rates be affected even though there was no payout? any help would be greatly appreciated

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    If you explain the circumstances I think it will have no impact.

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    If you say that there was no payout, your rates won't have any damages.

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    This is still a “notifible incident and should be disclosed to your insurers as it is a “ material fact” Always best to tell insurers everything that relates to previous policies and claims ( even if no payment made) The fact that you have been declined insurance may also have a bearing on a new policy. Providing, there was no pay-out, I can’t see any reason why your premium should increase other than of course from natural rate increases.

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    Just explain the situation.
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