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Thread: Please review my social media campaign for my insurance agency.

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    Default Please review my social media campaign for my insurance agency.

    Hello my name is Jack Thomas I'm an independent agency owner in Cincinnati, and we are testing a new marketing strategy and I wanted to share it with agents to receive some feedback.

    Of course as you are all aware insurance is quite complicated, but those who purchase insurance are not necessarily aware of how complicated insurance really is. Mainly because of the fact that companies such as GEICO and Progressive have turned insurance into a mere commodity.

    Because of this notion that insurance companies have embedded in the general public, that there is really no difference between insurance companies other than the price you pay, I created a social media advertising campaign for my agency and potentially for other agents, or insurance companies to utilize to show just how important a professional insurance agent is.

    The nameof my miniseries is called: Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™ it's a comedyminiseries about insurance.

    Each episode Dirk and Canon are given an assignment to determine whether or not something would be covered by insurance with a twist, they go out and cause the claim!

    At the end of each episode they learn whether or not the havoc they just caused would be covered by insurance!

    The goal with this social media campaign is to share with the general public why insurance is far more complicated than the price we pay for it. ™

    Please takea few minutes to review the first video that we have released. The first episode is about arson.

    You can watch the video either on our website, or you can go directly to YouTube.

    Here's a link for you to review either our website or the YouTube channel:


    YouTube Channel:

    The website is designed to become a distribution channel for lead generation of my agency.

    If anyone would like to speak with me directly about my series please feel free to contact me at my insurance office at 513-662-7000 I'm in Cincinnati Ohio. (EST)

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    This is very creative.

    What are you doing to drive traffic to the site?

    How long have you been running this? What kind of results have you been getting so far?


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    A variety of different ways, we are retooling to make the videos much shorter...most folks have a limited understanding about insurance so thats the objective.

    Our goal is to drive traffic to websites I own: is one website.

    What do you do?

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    Creative, it certainly is. Looks like you are at almost 800 views on youtube. Hopefully this has created some measurable amount of leads, prospects, new clients and new business.

    Best of Luck to you
    Scott W Johnson
    Whole Vs Term Life Insurance
    415-294-5454 CA LIC 0K10734

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