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Thread: Towing Company does not carry General Liability Insurance

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    Default Towing Company does not carry General Liability Insurance


    We are evaluating different towing/impounding companies to tow away and impound autos parked without authorization from our parking lot (which has been a big problem from the bar/club next door)

    I requested a certificate of insurance from the towing company I've been considering to verify their coverage.

    Here's the issue... They do not have any General Liability coverage, only Automobile Liability for 750K of coverage. Also on the certificate is Garage Liability Non-Owned for an additional 750K of coverage, which is a type of coverage I have never heard about.

    A red flag popped up when I saw they do not carry General Liability. I believe their auto liability would cover up to 750K if they ran someone over in their truck but I'm sure someone can help me come up with a situation where General Liability should be a requirement for anyone I contract with for towing/impounding.

    Please provide me some feedback about how I should proceed with this company.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would call and speak with our own insurance agent about this issue. You may also check with your state regulator to find out what are the minimum insurances required.
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    With auto liability and garage liability they pretty much have it covered. The garage liability would cover a vehicle tired in their facility. The coverage whole would seem to be if someone was injured at their place of business. Without general liability they would seem to have a coverage hole. However, I am not a P&C guy.

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