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Thread: Is anyone using the website?

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    Default website for insurance agents

    NAAIP is giving away an insurance agent website that you can put on your own domain name. You can add and edit pages. The site comes with Term life, Auto and Medicare supplement quote engines. Highest quality with no obligation to agents. Viral is very likely.

    You can sign up at Over 2,500 agents have signed up. Here is an example site

    The quality of the site that NAAIP is giving away is second to none. These sites are especially good at collecting visitor information. As we say on every conference call.

    1. Visitor comes to your site. Immediately clicks for a free quote.
    2. Sees that you have a professional site/quote engine.
    3. There is a pop-up stating that "in order to receive a custom quote - please input your personal information."
    4. Visitor inputs his/her personal information.
    5. Agent receives an email, visitor receives an email. Contact information goes in your back office.

    If you think that this free site is good for your business the next step is to buy a domain name and put the NAAIP site on that domain. It is free.

    Any person/company that says anything negative about NAAIP certainly has an agenda. Agents are welcome to contact me direct or to come to our daily conference call.

    David Gordon
    tel - 800.770.0492
    direct - 561.948.6074
    cel - 786.405.8039
    fax - 866.436.1640
    Conference Call:
    Monday thru Thursday Noon ET
    Dial 1-424-203-8405 - id: 464305

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    Default is owned by David Rutstein. Who is spamming all the insurance agents all day and his website is "the biggest scam" in insurance industry. He is not even licensed to sell insurance and more over he cant even enter the states. He promises agents leads to get them in conference calls where he gets them recruited with new companies under his brother and gets the percentage of what ever he makes after that and free leads are no where once u enroll.

    All the addresses and phone numbers are fake. What he only wants is contact information of agents which is only possible if u join his site and fill in your phone number.

    PS - The thread starter is David Rutstein himself

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    The worst part is I used to work him in 2008-09 but he still uses my name to spam.

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    David Rutstein or David Gordon ?

    Check out these 2 profiles having same display pic

    facebook. com/ david.rutstein

    linkedin. com /pub / david-gordon /51/b39/b37

    Same display pic different names.

    And now David claims to be worked as computer programmer for 10 years at IBM (plain bullshit) just to prove himself smart.

    I am warning every one again this guy is upto something bad. Cant we make IBM and Brooklyn College aware as their names are being used.

    Also some should take this issue to the govt authorities and get his scam website down.

    This is serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STIBROKER View Post
    The insurance business attracts a lot of shady characters.

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    NAAIP vs Compulife - NAAIP Won! - The following actually happened:

    The owner of Compulife, Mr. Robert Barney, which sells a term life quote engine to insurance agents, waged a brutal campaign in an attempt to destroy NAAIP. It was brutal - The following is a list of actions that Mr. Barney has done since April, 2015.

    April, 2015: Mr. Robert Barney started the first of over 500 posts on an insurance agent forum lambasting NAAIP and its agents as being software "pirates."

    Quoting on the forum and other place that 5 years in jail is the punishment for piracy (this forums's negative content has been deleted recently).

    May, 2015: 400 NAAIP agents were sent a US mail letter from an attorney's office in Kentucky demanding the NAAIP agent cease and desist using their free NAAIP website and term life quote engine because continuing to use NAAIP would be considered "piracy." Enclosed in this letter was a demand for payment of $540 for prior use. A affadavit affirming this "priacy" was signed by a third party. 11 NAAIP agents ended up sending Compulife money.

    Understandably, many NAAIP agents that received the legal letter did not want to be involved in a battle. A very high percentage of agents agreed to delete their NAAIP website.

    Mr. Barney smelled success and gathered a total of 2,200 names, phone numbers and email addresses of NAAIP agents via Google searches.

    These 2,200 agents were bombarded with multiple well-written emails from Mr. Barney demanding a "cease and desist" of the agents' "piracy" as well as a $540 payment. Thankfully, only 11 agents in total sent Mr. Barney money.

    Mr. Barney followed up these multiple emails with a telemarketing campaign. Phoning agents and leaving messages. Mr. Barney went so far as to have an excel spread-sheet of his contacts with the 2,200 NAAIP agents.

    Mr. Barney bought a website domain name and started to document the "evidence" of "software piracy." Included in this website were a list of about 1,800 agents and links to their NAAIP website. Mr. Barney states on this website page the agent name and the word piracy, pirated, etc. written 12 times (May, 2016).

    Direct quotes from the page that was designed to name and shame agents into forking over $540 - 4 examples of text from that name & shame webpage.

    1. "archived as evidence of ongoing software piracy by NAAIP and the agents who have used NAAIP to create their personalized websites..."
    2. "agents on this list refused to settle and have continued to pirate the Compulife software program ..."
    3. "The agents/agencies listed here continue to rely upon a pirated copy of the Compulife ..."
    4. "Over 300 of these agents/agencies have either removed the pirated..."

    Based on my experience with Google and what I saw with my own eyes. This technique of Mr. Barney listing the agent name, link to agent website and the word "priacy" 12 times was designed to having the agent's name appear in Google as a "software pirate."

    During this time period Mr. Barney was in contact with multiple entities to attempt to "shut down" NAAIP and harm our insurance agent of record, Binyomin Rutstein and his family. Obviously, NAAIP and Mr. Rutstein will be filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Compulife and Mr. Barney.

    Spring, 2016: Mr. Barney and Compulife sued in Federal Court Binyomin Rutstein, Binyomin's relation, the owner of NAAIP, Mr. Aaron Levy and myself. The initial complaint mentioned "software piracy" but the subsquent amended complaint and talk at the trial was focused on "copywrite infringement."

    Being involved in a very expensive litigation is not something that I ever desired when accepting the offer to work at NAAIP. But once I was served with legal papers, I had to cope with this new reality.

    As an aside, it would have been nice of Mr. Barney to have informed those 2,200 agents that his "beef" was copywrite infringement and not "piracy." lol.

    Late 2016: Mr. Barney and Compulife filed in Federal class-action lawsuit alleging "infringement." 8 agents were named as representives of the class of 1,826 named NAAIP agents. Those 8 agents were served a huge stack of papers which "freaked them out."

    The other 1,800+ agents may have stumbled on the lawsuit after doing a search on Google for the word "lawsuit + their name."

    Compulife's technique of "name and shame" is going "full metal jacket." Compulife is telling the world that they are real serious about shutting down NAAIP and prosecuting the pirates.

    Compulife also sued entities that were paying NAAIP and/or related parties.

    Obviously, the class-action lawsuit was immediately "stayed' by the Federal Judge pending the outcome of the initial claim.

    March, 2017: There is a hearing on Compulife's injuction request to "shut down" NAAIP. The Judge decision was publicized on June, 2017 denying Compulife's request. The very clear decision by the Federal Judge should have been a "wake-up call" to Mr. Barney and Compulife to stop defaming NAAIP and its agents.

    August, 2017: All parties were forced to attend an arbitration hearing before a federal judge and Compulife demanded $5 million dollars and that NAAIP to be "shut down."

    October 2, 2017: I, attended a 5 day trial and testified for 15 minutes total.

    Compulife showed up with 4 attorneys, Compulife's investigator, Compulife's programmer and his wife, Compulife's office manager, Compulife's expert witness and Mr. Robert Barney all testified.

    The Compulife team needed a minvan to bring into the court room dozens of huge boxes filled with thousands of pages.

    I, being a NYU educated computer programmer, researched this case. I was certain that the case had no basis from day 1.

    I was shaking his head wondering how Compulife had "the culiones" to spend (in his estimation over $700,000 in attorney fees) on these ridiculous claims.

    Thankfully, for NAAIP and its agents the initial Federal Judge who denied Compulife's injuction request persuaded both sides to forgo a jury trial and accept The Honorable Judge James M. Hopkins to decide the case at a bench trial.

    Judge James M. Hopkins is a former computer programmer who is very serious about "not wasting the court's time."

    Judge James M. Hopkins wrote the decision on March 12, 2018 with the exact same words that I envisioned after spending a day researching Compulife's claims.

    Click Here to Read Judge Hopkins Ruling

    In my opinion, Compulife's claims were frivolous and Compulife's Attorney Joel Rothman of Boca Raton should be sactioned by the court for wasting the court's time in filing the Compulife lawsuit.

    In my opinion, Compulife Attorney Joel Rothman of Boca Raton profited handsomely in the way of attorney fees and is laughing all the way to the bank.

    The defamation website owned and operated by Robert Barney of Compulife was deleted by Compulife's Robert Barney immediately after Judge Hopkins's rulling.

    Obviously, the harm that Robert Barney and Compulife maliciously caused others should be compensated.

    Join our Daily Conference call at Noon ET to comment or ask any question.
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