Hello I have sent this letter off today regarding this problem - is anyone else in the same boat??

Dear Halifax

I am writing to you regarding a phone call I received yesterday from BDML Connect LTD informing me that Halifax Pet Insurance is withdrawing from the pet insurance market which means that my current policy/cover for my pet Jess will not renew on 30th Dec 2011. I have received the letter from Halifax today confirming this phone call.

I am extremely upset at this decision by Halifax as it leaves us with no insurance for Jess at all who is currently blind and needs vetinary attention for her eye condition which is very expensive - the reason why we took out the insurance in the first place for her well being which means that your offer of a quote for Petwise is of no use to us at all as they will not accept ĎPre-existing conditionsí such as Jessís.

We are pensioners and have managed to pay the monthly premium to Halifax every month without fail for Jessís welfare and now this leaves us without cover for her which we cannot afford being on pension.

We are so worried about this that it is causing us a lot of stress and worry as her visits to the Eye Clinic are so costly, even with the insurance we have only just managed to pay for her treatment and medication at the clinic in advance of any claims we have made to Halifax but at least we know the money would be paid back to us.

It is not right that you should just leave people like us out on a limb, you say in your letter that you have Ďnot taken this decision lightly and careful thought has been given as to how this will affect customersí knowing very well that other Insurance Companies wonít take on Pre-existing conditions leaving customers like us with no where else to go which is very wrong.

Why isnít it possible to carry on with the customers who have pets with Ďpre-existingí claims who have been paying into your company for so many years or at least come up with a solution to solve this problem as there is not one Insurance Company who will take on pets with pre-existing conditions thatís why what you have decided is so unfair. Surely you must have known this when deciding to pull out of the Insurance Market.

I would like a reply please as soon as possible as I do not know what to do now regarding my dog Jess as she needs treatment that I cannot afford you could have at least provided us with some other company who would take us on - Petwise is no good to us at all so why recommend them? Where do we go?

Yours sincerely