Hey Fellow Agents , Got a Question like a honest Answer. I am a Captive P and C Agent
and Looking at Moving to More Rural Area,Taking my Buy out been in it long time 20 plus years
Too Young to Retire and Collect my Retirement, until little later. Give me a Honest Scoop on Being a
Agent Selling Senior Products ?? Like Med Supplements ,Life Disability Etc for a Major Co
That will allow me to Also Sell with other Co on Presription Plans Etc. My Question
1. How Much can you Expect to Make first year and Beyond?
2 P and C is Loaded with Service Work How is this Market?
3How Much Travel Should i Expect?
4.I dont want a Storefront(Have that Now) ,Work out of Home Can you sell By E Mail,Mail,and Fax?
5 How many Hours do You Guys Average a week?
6.Whats the Best form of Prospecting in a New Area ?

Like to Hear from you Guys ,its a Big Deal Leaving a Established Business but Service Wk Man!!!