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Thread: help with travel insurance

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    Default help with travel insurance

    Travel Insurance question.....
    We have a trip booked with my in laws and have travel insurance for the trip. My in laws have separate Insurance. One of them has found out they have cancer and they have made the decision not to travel. Hubby and I whilst still travelling have decided not to do the cruise and Rome that we had planned as we hope to now do this at a later date if in laws are better, so we hoped to change our itinary just to the UK as we are to attend a wedding there but with the same flights and dates. Our travel insurance said that we can use our policy, to cancel our cruise etc, but would not still be able to do the journey as it was our decision to cut the cruise and Rome. Are we able to claim our cancellations with the 1st insurance company and take out another policy for the adjusted trip? Frankly it is all so ludicrous and we are supposed to leave in 2 weeks.

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    No matter where you decide to travel to it’s very important that you have the necessary insurance coverage.

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