Insurance is a form of risk management. In 2011, property insurance premiums will be increased because of the storm damage is increased. The president of the insurance information institute in New York City, Robert Hartwig said that the four years of record damage due to thunderstorms and tornados are to blame. He also said that this year has been an extraordinary exclamation point on what insurers have noticed for the last several years. When the companies set the premium they consider the things like high levels of claims from the wind and the thunderstorms. In 2011, it is expected that the claims nationally will reach (us dollar) 9 million. Allstate and the other insurance companies may increase their premiums to fulfill their promises and to remain stable. The insurance industry is under the control of and regulated by the state government so, the increase in the rates of insurance premiums is different from state to state. If the tornado-related claims are filled then the risk of increasing premiums would hang over many states. The home insurance companies and the other insurance companies like business and auto are doing efforts to help out the victims of deadly tornado. The insurance information institute announced that the property insurance companies have sent their agents to the areas that tornado hit. An economist Dr. Robert Hartwig said that the insurers have the financial and the human resources to respond effectively to these tragic natural disasters. According to a report by Associated Press the tornado in April cost the insurers (us dollar) 6 billion from which (us dollar) 4.5 billion is paid by Alabama homeowners insurance companies. It is reported by the insurance companies that in the first quarter of 2011, health insurance is obtained by 600,000 Americans from which many people are less than 26 years old. It is predicted that 1.2 million Americans without insurance will obtain insurance by the end of 2011.