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    There are some senior citizens who have can live by themselves without any help needed both financially and in monitoring their health. There are those who are unfortunate and need specialized medical care for 24 hours. Between these two categories lies the majority of the elderly population. They can very much look after themselves but may need some help in moving around and monitoring their health and medications. For this group of people, assisted living services are very much helpful.

    Assisted living gives an individual support in areas that nursing home care and unsupported private living lacks. There are groups of people who want to care for their loved ones but cannot afford the very costly rates of nursing homes. They often choose to get Medicaid assisted living services which can give private or semi-private living facilities for individuals who are capable of taking care of their self to a certain extent. Medicaid assisted living qualified individuals can usually eat on their own, clothe themselves and perform basic grooming unsupervised.


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    Medicaid is a good option when paying for long term care. This government program perfectly suits people who can't afford to self-insure. However, it is limited and will require you to spend down your assets before you can become eligible for Medicaid benefits.

    Another option that consumers can look into is long term care insurance. Many people think that it is costly and they will not benefit from this in the future. These are two of the major reasons why people don't buy coverage. It's true that this insurance product is not for everyone. If you are one of those who are confused whether to buy or not, I suggest you should consult a care planner or long term care specialist to guide you. When it comes to long term care insurance cost, there are myriad of ways to keep your premiums down according to such as buying early, designing a small policy and by availing discounts.

    If you don't find long term care insurance appealing, there are also other alternatives like hybrid products, annuities and reverse mortgage.

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