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Thread: Medicaid Home Health Care Eligibility

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    Medicaid is a health care program run by the state and gets its funding from the federal government. It is primarily intended for individuals that fall below the federal poverty level and do not have health care insurance. Medicaid will give benefits and assistance for basic health care and home health care based on the income level of the individual and/or their family. If they have health insurance, they will also take this into account when determining the extent of assistance they will provide. A person should get in touch with their caseworker if they are already under the Medicare program or to a disability related Supplemental Security Income to determine if they will still be eligible for Medicaid benefits in the state where they live.

    Medicaid includes some kinds of home health care and hospice care under its coverage in a number of states. For each of these states, they have different eligibility and remuneration policies for home health care, since Medicaid is run differently by every state. Medicaid assistance is usually grouped into different programs that provide for adults with disabilities, children with disabilities, the elderly and hospice care. For Medicaid home health care eligibility requirements for each state, it is imperative to check with the local Medicaid office, a social worker, health care professionals or other Medicaid support personnel.


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