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Thread: When do you give up on a lead?

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    Default When do you give up on a lead?

    I keep having agents ask me when do you give up on a lead.

    My answer is:

    When they apply,disqualify or threaten to hunt you down.

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    I know you're a life guy and I'm a P & C guy but we practice the same philiosophy. In my office we keep a lead in the active "prospect" status and it gets a piece of mail from us at least 3 times a year. In my "prospect files" there are currently around 1900 families...of which we will write a policy on approx. 10% before the end of the year. Considering the other P & C guys in town have no such "follow-up" system it's a win - win for us.

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    When you are basically told to back off.

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    I never truly give up on any of my clients unless they are only ever interested in quotes. I've never had a client ask me to back off and I would question a broker's method if this is a regular occurence.

    My giving up is basically not dropping everything for their phone call, and I stop calling them for a sale. I get back to them next day if they are merely tire kickers. And sometimes it gets to the point where I have to charge a service fee if they get really bad.

    If they don't recognize that I'm a professional consultant and negotiator for them, that's when problems begin. I find having the approach of consultant first makes them understand their need to listen to my advice. But you can't consult until you perform a proper needs analysis. A needs analysis will increase your sales quite a bit because clients suddenly see their numbers starting at them. They need to decide what to give up; for instance, they are each faced with the question of whether they should give up their children's education or pay a little extra on their premium to protect their dreams.

    Plus it just helps to develop trust to lay everything out there. It helps when you know the whole financial situation of the clients. When you are too afraid to ask, you lose the sale.

    All of that being said, when a client's trust cannot be earned no matter what you do (as evidenced by them not taking any of your advice or not giving you information you need), you "fire" them and don't look back until they are ready to take you seriously. Let some other chump give them quotes and talk to them. I have the philosophy that my time is more important than my competition's. Also, my paying customers' time is more important than a tire kicker and I owe it to them to spend less time with the tire kicker and more with the paying customer.

    Also, it shows I've done my due diligence, and prevents any E&Os from occuring because I can recommend based on their needs and they can decide to go with whatever they want.
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    maybe if there's proper timing, then you can keep trying. try not to be a bug. if they say no today, be patient. give it time and then try again. probably you can stop when they have already changed their numbers

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    When you lastly says it to yourself "I can't take this any more".

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    I never give up until that person really shows that he have no more money to buy that plan.But that person also help you in future when he had money.I think its not a job to give up its a job to just do that.Just keep contact with your client you must get some benefit from that in near future.

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