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Thread: Medicare advantage plans

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    Default Medicare advantage plans

    I am interested in working with a company that offers Med advantage special needs plans, diabetes, cancer, etc. in MI. is an endless loop and I can't find any information. A friend of mine is doing this in another state with a company that provides leads. I don't want to be captive.

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    I don't think that Michigan has any Medicare Advantage plans. Check with the Michigan health insurance commissioner.

    Persons who are working usually aren't eligible for Medicare. Also, if one has a Medicare advantage plan, I doubt they would be permitted to purchase separate insurance. If they can afford separate insurance, they don't need a Medicare advantage plan.
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    If you go to site they spell out how to qualify for Medicare. It reads that eligibility is based on age and not employment or financial status. One has only to have paid into the fund for the predetermined time.

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