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Thread: Ready to Protect Yourself and Your Family with Our Medical Discount Plans?

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    Default Ready to Protect Yourself and Your Family with Our Medical Discount Plans?


    Is health insurance simply not in your budget? Have you been refused insurance coverage because of a pre-existing health condition? Qualified Health launches Medical Discount Program. Now you can save extensively with qualified health Medical Discount Program.

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    Although "discount plans" have their niche, many states offer guarantee-issue health insurance policies. That's the good news. Unfortunately, rates can sometimes be dreadful, so it's best to check out your particular state's DOI.

    I also wrote a short article in the Ohio health insurance blog about this type of plan.

    ~ Ohio Medical Discount Plans ~ FORUM LINK

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky028 View Post
    The advantage of Medical Discount Plans is that they normally require no qualifying physical exams, no contracts and you don't even have to be a citizen to participate.
    yep... And. it helps to get rid of your health maladies at astonishing rates. However, I would suggest to check out all features of plans. See if the plans include vision correction options, prescription and healthcare benefits.

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    In case of medical insurance the doctor ask the patient, you have medical insurance ? If patient replies positively than doctor charge more fees compare to other who no insurance...

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