Sorry not much of a first post but as many of you know insurance is'nt normally at the top of my list until now that my home burned down Thursday 2-17-02.
I've read my policy and It's a bit confusing. I'm insured with Allied and they seem nice, so far but I've heard a lot of nightmare stories and I want to cover my A**.
I just don't know what my rights are really.. I want the same general to do all the work even the clean up but they want to recomend there own people that I don't trust. I pay extra for replacement cost but I'm not sure how it works. They say just make a list of the item, name of item and brand and they will tell me what the replacemant cost are. What things should I watch out for? What are my rights? What should I do now? My claim is being transferred to another agent so I talk to that person tomorrow and what to have some questions for him/her.
thanks in advance for any help.