Certain names have been omitted on advice of counsel.

Summary of Events – Homeowner's Claim with AAA [Starting 4/4/'10 to date]

4/4/'10 Sun. Insured incurred substantial damage from hail storm.

4/27/'10 Tues. Insured called AAA and obtained a claim #: XXXXXXXXX. (adjuster's name) would be on site in 1 to 2 days.

4/29/'10 Thur. (Adjuster's name) arrived at 10:30AM and thoroughly reviewed the site. We were in total agreement with his assessment of the damages. We felt the evaluation was accurate and complete.

5/10/'10 Mon. (Adjuster's name) called to say that $xx,xxx,xx was approved for the claim -$250 deductible and $x,xxx.xx withheld pending completion.

5/13/'10 Thur. Received estimate of covered loss from AAA Catastrophe Claims Office in Aurora, IL.

5/25/'10 Tues. Called AAA Cat Claims Office w/questions on the estimate. I was requested to leave message for (Agent's name), which I did.

5/26/'10 Wed. Called AAA again at 4:00PM…left a message for (Adjuster's name) (Actually, I think his voice mail was "full", and I ended up leaving a "call back" message on [Agent's supervisor's] voice mail)

6/1/'10 Tues. After no replies to my calls, I again left a message (800) 289-5255 Ext. 7239 to call me back.

6/8/'10 Tues. Called AAA again – Left message this time for "(Agent's name)" at (630) 328-7278.

6/11/'10 Fri. (Agent's name) finally returned a call after I had complained to my local agent that no one would return my calls. He (Agent's name) informed me that "AAA doesn't pay "matching" claims in Michigan meaning that they would put siding on the damaged side of my house, but it won't match the 8" premium quality aluminum found on the rest of the house". That's as bad as doing nothing at all.

6/18/'10 Fri. I faxed my list of errors and omissions along with a cover letter to the claims office to the claims supervisor.

7/2/'10 Sat. I received a letter from (Agent's supervisor's name) indicating that AAA will not cover unmatched siding. He requested a copy of the contractor(s) estimate.

7/9/'10 Fri. I received a duplicate of this same 7/3/'10 AAA letter. Also from (Agent's supervisor's name).

10/8/'10 Fri. Called [adjuster's name] (Site Adjuster who originally came to evaluate the loss) to address discrepancies in estimate of loss. He informed me that he has no part in such issues…he only reports damages.

10/8/'10 Fri. Called AAA to present list of contentions regarding the AAA loss assessment. Was instructed to fax my concerns. (Receptionist's name)

10/9/'10 Sat. Faxed the summary of items disputed on the AAA estimate.

10/11/'10 Mon. Called AAA Cat Office (receptionist's name) to confirm receipt of fax. She acknowledged it was in hand. I asked who was handling the claim. She said "it appears no one at this point". She said "someone should call you by the end of the week". I said "wait a minute, that is too long between communications", "I need to get going as we are running out of weather opportunities". She would not commit to when someone might return my call.

10/14/'10 Thur. Called AAA Cat Office again, (receptionist's name) said adjuster is (adjuster's name) and gave me his voice mail. (Not this again) Left message to return my call "urgent".

10/14/'10 Thur. I called my local AAA agent and complained that the Cat Claims adjuster won't return my calls.

10/15/'10 Fri. I received a call from (agent's name) and he defended AAA's estimate, saying that if there are errors or omissions, they will be "worked out" with the contractor. I asked why there was no line item for the contractor's overhead and profit, and he said it is in the "unit cost" amount. He went on to say that "in some cases of fire or water damage, AAA may allow OH&P above unit cost". He said "we never allow OH&P on hail damage." I said "that sounds like you allow a contractor to make a profit on certain kinds of losses, but not others, please explain". He would only reiterate: "that is how it is".

He said nothing will happen until he receives the contractor(s) quote, which I arranged.

10/16/'10 Sat. I contacted [contractor's name] (contractor) and he faxed his quote as requested by (agent's name).

10/20/'10 Wed. I called my agent (local agent's name) 344-3000 and explained the entire situation to him. He only said he would take it up with a supervisor.

10/20/'10 Wed. (Agent's name) called saying he had the estimate from (contactor's name) Construction and is reviewing it. He said no way will they reimburse the amount of the contractor's estimate. Said he would try to get back to me by Friday, but would not promise. He said he would call (contactor's name) right after talking to me.

10/20/'10 Wed. I called (contractor's name) to see if (agent's name) had called him. He did call the contractor's home phone and left a message, but not the cell. (Contactor's name) left the cell number so he could be reached. (Contactor's name) returned the call, but received no answer.

10/21/'10 Thur. (Contactor's name) called to say that (agent's name) called him and basically told him to pound sand. Said we'd have to prove there are two layers of roof to remove (one of the obvious errors on the "exactimate" as AAA sometimes refers to them). We are told to send pictures proving our case. We are not about to tear into the roof when AAA paid to have the 2nd layer of shingles put on in 2001. (with no tear-off) The adjuster says they won't break out the amounts for overhead and profit they have supposedly included in the unit prices, so the contractor can see where the differences might be. (Agent's name) won't break down AAA's estimate, but wants the contractor to fax him his material cost. To show who is doing all the cooperating we will provide the requested documents. I'm amazed the contractor has hung in there through all this BS.