I have a 100+ year old Victorian house that needs a lot of exterior renovation. A porch with balcony needs to be reconstructed from the ground up, much of the siding needs replaced, and the whole body needs paint. I have estimates of $50K - $80K to complete.

I had been covered by a major carrier, but when we filed a claim for wind damage to an expensive window, (which they covered), they did a property evaluation and found issues they said needed to be addressed or they would cancel coverage. There simply was not time to get them corrected in time, so they dropped us. I found a local agent that said they specialize in properties such as mine and said there would be no problem. They issued a policy, but after the underwriting company saw photos, they declined coverage. I found another agent that said the same thing who issued a policy without taking photos which has now been in effect for about a year. I intend to do the renovations as time and funds permit, but am nervous that this policy may also be dropped.

Is there a type of coverage available for such properties in rather rough shape under long-term renovation?