I have 3 vehicles and a house insured through state farm. Recently I got a ticket and the officer told me that my vin number on my insurance card doesn't match my registration. After many phone discussions with insurance co, we have found out for 2 years we having been paying insurance on someone else vehicle. They even had the other persons bank info in our acct. Wrong lien holder and everything. The vin was not off by a couple of numbers. Completely wrong!! I gave state farm all correct info and have docs to prove. My question is did my vehicle that I had been paying on have insurance?? State farm says yes they would of paid any claims had I got in an accident because it was the agents fault and they would honor that. I don't believe them. Should I be entiled to refund for past 2 yrs for paying for someone elses car??? Yes I know I should of double checked the vin numbers but who does that ))