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    Iam 6 mos into life and variable selling Final expense.When i recently contacted some other carriers to get appointed cause i found out i was getting screwed on my percentage and advance my general agent caught wind of this and bought my chargebacks and rolled more debt in to them then reported me to vector 1 basically saying that if i dont work for them i wont work for anyone, even though i am making an attempt to pay back thaey will not release me untill paid in full which can take a while,are there any carriers that do not check vector 1.???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Termlifeinsurance View Post
    I don;t k nwo about vector 1, but I do know there are other insurers offer a form of life insurance than can help provide funds to pay for final expenses.

    Mutual of Omaha, Stonebridge Life and Globe life and accident Insurance Company all offer no exam life insurance plans with small amounts of life insurance to provide for final expenses.
    Termlifeinsurance, your answers shows that you are either uniformed about this aspect of the insurance business or are only promoting your site. What you posted is totally unrelated to an issue with Vector One.

    Vector One is the sole distributor of an Internet accessible, user-friendly database containing tens of thousands of agents who have a commission-related debit balance with a Vector One subscriber.

    The database is continuously updated as new and current subscribers add agents, and as subscribers delete agents that pay their debit balances. Vector One is the best incentive for an agent to pay a debit balance since, by paying, the agent is deleted from the database. Many subscribers report having recovered several times the small cost of Vector One from agents who wish to be deleted from the database.
    If Vector One shows that an agent owes an isurance company money most other companies will not appoint them.
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    You can also call vector one at 888-607-0555 or fax them at 480-922-7720

    Anytime someone says you have a vector, 1st request a copy of your vector. Check the vector, if it is incorrect, then fight it in like 100 words or less to that fax number. The party that has you on vector must then prove their case. Also vector does not keep up with amounts under like $400. Just because you are making payments, does not take you off vector, unless they are just being nice to you.

    Most of the companies now check vector and will not offer you advancing. That is not to say they won't take you on an as earn only contract.

    YOu won't let long in this business just skipping company to company run up debit balances.
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