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Thread: Underwriting - How do I get my foot in the door?

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    Default Underwriting - How do I get my foot in the door?


    I am currently an AE at an independent agency on the Gulf Coast. Ever since I started my career in this field (about four years ago) I have been interested in being an underwriter. My overall question is what is the best way to become one? I have applied for a few asst. underwriter jobs and trainee positions but never heard anything back. All of my experience has been on the agency side. I understand I don't have underwriting experience, but I feel that my agency experience should translate. I have a four year degree but no professional designations as of yet. I am planning on working to get some designations but I don't feel that should be a requirement. Many of the underwriters I have worked with have none. I am primarily interested in commerical P&C but would certainly start in personal lines either for a carrier or for a wholesale/broker.

    Any input into this would be very helpful, thank you.

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    Hi Bens4vcobra,

    I had a similar experience in stockbroking, in the UK which means I cant recommend who to go to in your case, but want to say, I spent two years applying to private banks in London and literally heard nothing back. I had no professional qualifications either because you usually get sponsored to do those when you have a job, but no one is interested until you have the qualifications or at least part of them. Eventually though I did finally get a response, and within two weeks of making contact with a bank I had a trainee job there. So all in all I am trying to say do not get too disheartened especially with how the current climate is. It will happen if you carry on trying!
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    I would also love to switch to a career in underwriting. I currently work as a paramedic, but I do have a L&H and a P&C insurance licenses. I am also graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting in June.

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    Try a temp agency. Some companies prefer the low risk of taking on temps. If they like you they'll take you on contract and then offer you a full time position. Basically take whatever you can get and work your way up. And show willingness to take the courses towards your designation. Yes, many underwriters may say they're not needed but lucky for them that they got to where they are without them. Besides the commitment it shows you have, they are also useful to get your head into the job. I personally found the Underwriting Essentials courses of great use in shaping me into the Underwriter I became.

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    Maybe you would want to become an insurance agent. Watching this video can help you land a rewarding career -

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    Underwriting is my goal, too. I have been working as a broker for 5 years so far. It's alright. The money is great. But I'm ready to move into something different. Since my wife and I are moving to Florida, I'm just going to complete the CPCU before I move so it'll give me a leg up on the entry-level competition.
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