Finally have a chance to reflect on AEP this year. I've done reasonably well, picking a fairly good number of new clients.

But I can't help but be "annoyed" at the loss the an OEP. Last year I probably did about the same during those 3 months as I did during the 6 weeks of AEP.

For example, I have advertised in a little county about a 2 1/2 hour drive. There is only about a 15% MA penetration so Medicare beneficiaries are typically paying $2,500 or more for their med supp and part d plan. There are only 2 MA plans; a pretty crappy HMO at $69 per month and a zero premium PPO with very good benefits.

It's rare that see someone with the HMO that doesn't want to change to the PPO. If there was an OEP, I would certainly be doing more mailings and earning more commission.

But CMS apparently doesn't believe that beneficiaries should have choices so they will not be able to change their HMO into the PPO.

Anyone else having the same issue?