I currently own a home in Colorado. I have had home owner's insurance for 15 years and never made a claim. I also have a high FICO score. So I decided to call my current insurance company for a new home/auto polocy. When I let them know it was in Florida, they asked for the zip code. Then I was asked all kinds of questions about the property. Then I was told that they would not insure the property as the roof was too old. When I questioned this, they said that they wouldn't insure a roof more than 15 years old in FL A roof in Co could be 35 years old as long as it passes inspection. So I went to JD powers and Standard and Poor. I called the "A" rated insurance companies, and none of them would insure the home. They gave all kinds of reasons from old wiring, old plumbing, old roof and so on. Mostly I heard that it was a "high risk" area due to storms.

Now I know that Disney World has only had to close the park 1 time in it's history due to inclement weather. It was for 1 after noon when high winds were expected and never came. I live 20 minutes from there, so I really don't think this is an issue.

I called a relative who lives in Wyoming to give them the heads up that all those blown off shingles and the like could put thier home at risk. He usually just climbs up on the roof once a month and replaces shingles. He called his insurance agent, and was told that it was no issue so long as the roof was kept up.

Then I thought about it and it seems the risk to a roof is actually higher her in CO. There are at least 2 hail storms per year. The roof has to support snow. Also at times it has to stand up to winds of up to 60 mph or more. I called one of my friends who purchased a home of similair age to mine that was actually in worse condition. It still had the old cloth wiring and need repairs. She said she had no issue and was not asked any such questions. This was 1 year ago.

I had to end up going with a C- rated company and I am paying 3 times as much for 3 times less coverage. They will not cover any plumbing leaks in my home either. I was in a hurry to get coverage for the property. The agent said that if I went to the county and got the reports to prove improvements were made to the property, then she would shop around for a better rate for me. This DOESN'T happen to persons who buy used homes in Co.

So does anyone have an explanation to make me feel better about this? I understand that insurance companies must make adjustments due to risks in certain markets. However when I look at hard facts, I don't see increased risk.