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Thread: Best multi line insurance co to work for in terms of support?

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    Default Best multi line insurance co to work for in terms of support?


    I'm thinking about diving in to becoming an insurance agent - looking at State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, Farmer's, American Family. Not having run my own business before, and knowing that I will have to spend most of my time on marketing (at least at first) I want to go with a company that has good operations (billing, claims support, that sort of thing) so that I dont have to spend a ton of time on routine things.

    Anyone have any advice on which company is best with these things? Or know which ones make life annoying for agents with lots of slow / manual requirements (so I know which ones to avoid!!!)?


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    Default Multi line support

    You might want to look at Ameriplan as an option to all of the upfront cost you will encounter. The system of support is already in place and your desire and skill will take you where you want to go. Check out This company is an alternative to traditional insurance. This may be for you or it may not. You are at choice.

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