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    Most young children are covered by their parent's health insurance, and many elementary schools and high schools offer under insured or uninsured parents group coverage but once a young adult turns 18 and heads off to college they are on their own and often uncovered in case of emergency. Student health insurance is a very important consideration and many parents automatically begin a policy for their new adult children. If they cannot, or do not think about it students can be left with hefty medical debts at a time when college loans, credit card debts, and car loans dominate their lives and create huge debt loads.

    It can be difficult for young people to think about the need for student health insurance. They are out on their own probably for the first time in their young lives, they have graduated high school and are off on the adventure of college life, possibly traveling for foreign studies and they feel invincible. However, no one is truly invincible and illness or injury occurs to the strongest of young people. Starting a student health insurance policy also provides lower premiums at student rates that also translate into long term savings as younger individuals are eligible for cheaper health insurance than they would be if they waited and started at an older age.

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    I agree with you. It is important for student.
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