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Thread: ADA Disability Insurance - How will independent agents & brokers survive?

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    Default ADA Disability Insurance - How will independent agents & brokers survive?

    I have many friends who are Dentists but not able to sell Disability Insurance to them because ADA offers Disability Insurance to its members. Does anybody in this group has- Featurewise comparison of American Dental Association Disability Insurance with other companies. Does ADA insurance offers guaranteed premium rates, is the policy portable? I heard the ADA Insurance rates increase each year.

    In this economy big organisations are taking away the livelihood of thousands of Independent Insurance Agents across the country. How will Independent Agents gets business when these associations start selling insurance themselves? Most of the insurance agents are struggling to pay monthly bills. Instead of Agents and their Families get a business and able to survive and buy food - big monopolies and big organisations are taking away ALL THE BUSINESS. Is this right business practice?
    One company gets all the applications over the internet and through call centers = Less choice for Customers = Taking the opportunity of thousands of agents across the country which would have given them an income and purchasing power and eventually would have boosted the Economy.

    The main reason of the current recession is the extinction of middle income groups. Fewer companies are monopolising the market by wiping out the smaller players from the market. These companies operates through call centers overseas and export jobs to other countries.Hence workers here have no jobs, cannot afford homes and a decent living, and remain unemployed as no new businesses coming in. These multinational companies will pay huge bonus to their CEOs, and top level executives and eventually require a bailout causing more burden to the middle and low income people.

    Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers should join together to survive from Monopoly Businesses who wants to write all business themselves.

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    You need to ask one of your Dentist friends if you can borrow their policy so you can review it...In the DI market definitions are the most important feature. The next step is what have you been trying to sell them, is it Illinois mutual if so this is not their primary market. Finally some companies in addition to level premiums have a graded premium that will increase in cost every year until they decide to elect the level coverage.
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    Default You can contact ADA for insurance information

    Do not get puzzled, you can contact ADA member, online you can get the contact info and they will help you.
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    You can go to the ADA website and learn more there any here. Their policy is cheap because of several issues, first it is a group plan whose rates jump up every 5-years. Next, check the verbiage on how they define a disability and is partial/residual disability covered and if so, how? What about future insurability and if they go out on a disability, will their company increase the benefit payout each year they continue to be unable to work? There are always holes in every association plan, just look and also let your dentist friend/client know that they don't own the policy with the ADA and the association can change plans at any time while a private policy is owned and controlled by the dentist.

    I would also say that there are other levels of disability insurance most dentists don't own. There is not a lump-sum policy available, if they are self-employed, an overhead policy is important, and if they have other dentists that work for them, is there a key-employee to insure? There are many other disability insurance needs to uncover.
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