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Thread: purina care pet insurance questions/ need help

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    Default purina care pet insurance questions/ need help

    I purchased Purin care pet insurance for my german shephard mid feb. of this year. Since signing up for the insurance Purina has taken a payment out every month but has yet to send me any kind of approval or welcome package as they said would happen after acceptance. I signed up for the best package and even got the preventative care. That package stated after being accepted they mail me out tick and heart worm meds and after numerous emails and calls to customer service I have gotten nothing i was promised. Each time i get told the same thing, "You will have it in the next 7-10 business days". The last time was a month ago.

    Does anyone here have a contact number for purina other then the 866 number listed on their website or even an email address to a rep that knows how to do his/her job.

    my one major fear is something goes wrong and purina disputes ever accepting my dog into the program. They could simply refund the payments and call it a clerical error without that acceptance letter. I just find it odd that they are refusing to send me anything showing my dog was accepted and won't send me the tick/hearworm meds are promised. Doesn't seem to be fair that i'm paying for preventative care and not recieving the main selling point for that extra care.

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    I found the following information on the Texas Department of Insurance website:

    Purinacare Insurance Services
    SAN ANTONIO, TX 78258

    Property and Casualty General Lines Agency
    License number: 1481266

    Corporate Officers:

    David B Goodnight, President
    Tom Blair, Vice President
    William H. Craig

    The agency has to be licensed in every state where it sells the insurance.

    I happened to stumble on the Ohio Dept of Insurance licensing information that not only gives what appears to be a different toll free number 877-878-7462 but also gives the names of all the producers (agents):

    When you click on each name it brings up another page with a different phone number for each person (possibly direct extensions) at the 210 area code.

    William Craig (210) 471-0478 and David Goodnight (210) 416-2695 are both listed with their own phone numbers.

    If you don't get a satisfactory response from either of them, then I suggest you file a complaint with the TX Dept of Insurance:

    If you are not located in TX, you'll also have to file a complaint with your own state's insurance department.

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