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Thread: Can a Letter of indemnification serve as insurance

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    Default Can a Letter of indemnification serve as insurance

    Hi, I live in a motor home, which a friend allowed me to park on a commercial property, (the church premises). I'm currently unemployed and the insurance lapsed recently and when certain of the administrators found out, I'm now being forced to insure, "just in case a tree blows over on the vehicle, or something". if insurance is a guarantee to indemnify another against loss, is a letter indemnifying the church and all it's subsidiaries legally enough if witnessed, notarized, and filed with the county clerk? please help!!!

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    No! You need at least liability insurance to protect the church against something on your part. A letter of idemnification would only guarantee that you would hold them responsible or sue them. However, is say your RV accidentally moved and someone was hit the church would face a potential lawsuit.

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    It's legal to sign an indemnification agreement but if you can't pay for the damage or injury that you cause, then it's only going to put you in a deep hole when something happens.

    And I seriously doubt that the church would accept such an agreement in lieu of insurance.

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    Indemnification letter will decide whether you are responsible person for that accumulation or not, i think it will clear that you don't need to have a insurance policy on that property.

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    good response and absolutely correct one.

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