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Thread: healthy newyork group insurance ?

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    Default healthy newyork group insurance ?

    i am a contract/temp worker trying too get health insurance i can afford i was told 2 by health insurance agencys there is a thing called healthy new york group insurance for people who are earning more than the minimum for healthy new york insurance to get this insurance you must fill out a w4 form and work part time for a company that does on line survays they pay you a few dollers to doe this and this gets you into healthy new york for $399 a month is this for real or is it some type of scam any ideas out there? thanks creg

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    There is a Healthy New York program. You can view the details here:

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    Why not going for the local insurance agents, they can guide you better, because there is a lot of different in the rules and regulations in different states, local companies can offer free quotes for health insurance.

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