My husband qualified for SSI disability on April 2008 put in his 6 month waiting period and started receiving his benefits on October 2008 the same month he started his Cobra. His initial 18 months of Cobra will be over April 4, 2010 and we applied for a Continuation of Cobra Coverage for the next 6 months until his medicare starts. We were declined because the disability was a life changing event (they got this right he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer) and his awards letter should have been sent to the cobera carrier within 60 days. I was told by a nasty lady I should have read all the material in the cobra package. I should have but with his surgery, treatments and everything else I just didn't. I was told I could appeal it but not even to bother. Do I have any recourse? Even though the cobra is expensive He had good perscription coverage which we really need. Thanks for any info you could give me.