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Thread: Pet Dental Insurance Program - Keep Your Pet's Smile Bright!

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    Default Pet Dental Insurance Program - Keep Your Pet's Smile Bright!

    A dental procedure done on your pet can be as expensive as one done on you. You would buy dental insurance for yourself, so why not pet dental insurance?
    Many owners are finding that taking out dental insurance coverage for their pet saves them money and frustration, when their pet needs expensive dental care. There are many places to buy dental insurance. Pet insurance companies are usually the best place to look.

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    not always but it helps a lot in unfortunate conditions every one should buy one ..... most of the people who loves their pets surely will

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    Dental care of dogs and cats is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of pet health care. In fact, a recent AAHA study showed that approximately two thirds of pet owners do not provide the dental care that is recommended as essential by veterinarians.

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    This is the first time I hear about dental care for pets. Anything like this would bring you a lot of laughs here in my country (Romania). But this is probably due to financial issues. Anyways, I don`t think I can remember anyone here who has done this for his pet.

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