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    Default Weird Story

    At church last Sunday, I over heard a lady talking about how she was baby sitting an old dog, and the dog started having a stroke and acting funny. The lady tried calling the owner, but could not get in touch with her, so on her own, she rush the old dog to the vent.

    I could not help but to think, what the hell. What if the lady does not pay you back the money for the vet bill. I mean this is an old dog and you have not spoken with the owner. If the dog has had a stroke what can they do anyways.

    I would have just tried calling the lady and not rush it to the vet. Maybe I'm being cruel or something, but why end up with a high vet bill, without the owners telling you they would cover the bill or take the dog themselves.

    If my dog has a stroke, I'm shooting it. It is cheaper to go buy a new dog, then to pay over 1,000 in vet bills.

    Please don't call PETA on me.

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    Mark, I think exactly like you do. Are we in the minority in today's world?

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    Aww poor dog. That's all I can say since I'm a dog-lover.

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    It is cheaper to go buy a new dog, then to pay over 1,000 in vet bills.
    I can say I understand the logik from yr quote, but I`m also a dog lover, and it doesn`t feel very nice to read something like this. But, you have a point right there, that is true...

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    I know this post was just brought back to life.....Mark I feel the same as you about the dog....For me the deciding factor would be my relationship with the people I was watching the dog for....If I don't care about how they would feel coming home to find I had let their dog die then I would not rush it to the vet.

    And if it was my wife's dog I would make it more comfortable by putting a pillow OVER its head!
    Peter G Langelier
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    Hi Mate

    I felt pity for the dog.

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