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Thread: Travel insurance misquote

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    Angry Travel insurance misquote

    i've bought insurance after travelling. insurance company says they will not cover but the rule that you need to buy travel insurance prior to travel was not given to me. I called up to ask prior to buying and was told it was ok for me to buy travel insurance despite me doing it after I left. Insurance company say they do not have the call recorded! I had to receive medical treatment and now the insurance company won't pay for the treatment. what do I do?

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    I think you better get yourself a lawyer for that kind of damage or seek advice first.

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    Most Travel insurance companies will not provide cover after you have commenced your travel and departed from your home country. The fact that you had left the country is a material fact and as you say, you disclosed this to the insurers but they did not make a note of it and have not recorded the call. In my opinion, it’s probably best to contact them again and ask for details of their complaints procedure and if this does not settle the matter ask them if there is an ombudsmen or independent body you can be referred to .

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